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ISD Advanced Defensive Handgun | Iron Sight Defense

ISD Advanced Defensive Handgun

Adv Def HG

The Advanced handgun student will be required to face a complex issue of marksmanship and tactics in this advanced class. Having established a solid base of fundamentals and tactical awareness from the prerequisite program, this course continues to develop and refine the techniques to a deeper level of understanding. The student will be required to think while moving and shooting from cover to cover while conducting magazine changes and malfunction clearance. The curriculum includes shooting with the non-dominant hand, one handed weapons manipulation, moving and shooting, shooting at multiple targets, clearing malfunctions, firing under time constraints, and firing/reloading from unconventional positions all while operating on a 360 degree real world range.

A certificate of completion from our Intermediate Handgun Class or a demonstrated equivalent level of shooting experience and knowledge are a prerequisite to register for this course.

If you are an intermediate to accomplished shooter, serious about advancing your handgun skills then this minimal classroom time with maximum range time course is what you’re looking for.

Each class will include at home and range practices, along with a course certificate of completion.

*This is a one day 8-10 hr class

Minimum 500 rounds

I.S.D. premier firearms and tactics training center located in Southern Kentucky

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