ISD Carbine Rifle II

Carbine Rifle II

The ISD Carbine Rifle II Class is the next step in the progression of improving your skill set.

This class starts off with an in depth look at the zeroing process and knowing your preferred weapon system from mechanical, ballistic and operational levels.  We will discuss the internal, external, terminal and post terminal ballistics of a a variety of popular rifle cartridges.  The physics of shot placement and the anatomy of the target.

We quickly progress encouraging the shooter to make timed judgement calls, quick target acquisition and engagement while covering immediate actions upon malfunctions, transition to secondary weapons and reloading options.

Judgement, tactics, and angles win gun fights and we create an atmosphere where our students have the opportunity to grow their own skill set in each of these categories during this informational packed 8-10 hour class.

This is a one day 8-10 hour Carbine Rifle Class…for all law abiding civilians and military/law enforcement and is best suited for

Intermediate to Advanced rifle familiar students

Any magazine fed shoulder fired rifle and a self defense capable handgun 9mm cal or above is required.

Minimum 500 rounds rifle / 100 rounds handgun

I.S.D. premier firearms and tactics training center located in Southern Kentucky

*Only U.S. citizens are accepted to participate in ISD training courses.  All registrations will be reviewed.  Approved applicants will receive notification of approval and particular class information via the applicant email address listed below.   ISD and its instructors retain the right to deny instruction to any applicant without verbal or written notification of the reason for the denial.  Denied applicants will receive notification of the denial and their tuition reimbursement in full.  No refund will be extended to student cancellations or for failure of class completion. 

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