ISD Defensive Handgun

def handgunThis is a great class for those who have the basics and want to improve your accuracy and confidence.  Students will have the opportunity to practice the fundamentals learned in the Basic Class while having personal attention to quickly progress them in the advancement of their defensive handgun skills.

The student will review the tactics and techniques previously learned and will add new skills such as reloading and malfunction/immediate action clearing techniques, unconventional shooting positions, also students will be instructed in cover and scan for secondary threats, to seek out and engage multiple targets and a host of other topics.

There are no prerequisites for this course, however it is recommended for adults  who want to improve on/and expand their foundation for shooting handguns and who have previous experience with firearms.

Each class will include at home and range practices, class notes for continued study and practice, along with a course certificate of completion.

*This is a one day 8-10 hr  class

Minimum 500 rounds

I.S.D. premier firearms and tactics training center located in Southern Kentucky

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