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Tactical Survival


This class and blocks of instruction deal with topics of defense and violence.  We does not advocate violence as a way of life or advocate that individuals should make their way by the threat of, or use of force.  Rather, it anticipates a situation where the lives, safety and freedom of your family or group are threatened and seeks to pass on knowledge to better prepare you to deal with, and survive, any such situations.

A large part of the tactical message is AVOIDANCE.  The smaller part of the message is controlled use of violence for the purpose of defense.

Tactical Survival is collaborative effort between Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School and Rodney Van Zant of Iron Sight Defense.  It is an incredibly packed 3 day weekend of survival, tactical strategies,  and more.

Participants will need to be in moderate shape as we will be moving regularly though a wooded hilly environment, while armed and wearing a day pack or ruck.

You will need to effectively be prepared for a 72 hour, armed, camping trip with the potential for bad guys.

This class is open to all law abiding, tactically minded civilians as well as military and law-enforcement personnel.


Registration Cost:

New Students 400.00

*Tac Survival Alumni Students 250.00

*TS Alumni Students bringing a New Student 150.00

*TS Alumni students signing up via paypal please make total payment of 400.00 upon your registration we will reimburse your applicable discount immediately.

*Only U.S. citizens are accepted to participate in ISD training courses.  All registrations will be reviewed.  Approved applicants will receive notification of approval and particular class information via the applicant email address listed below.   ISD and its instructors retain the right to deny instruction to any applicant without verbal or written notification of the reason for the denial.  Denied applicants will receive notification of the denial and their tuition reimbursement in full.  No refund will be extended to student cancellations or for failure of class completion. 

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