Student Reviews

Student Reviews:

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“The opportunity to seriously run my gear while picking up tactical and survival skills was a first class experience. I would recommend Iron Sight Defense and Nature Reliance School to anyone who wants to develop the skills to take care of him/herself and others if the s**t ever gets real. Very few people will rise to meet the challenge of a serious crisis you both are offering the tools for success. If God willing I never need to use what I have learned I can say it was a damn fun weekend.” –Anonymous

“Class was very informative and covered a lot of good material and was very interesting.  The instructors have a very good and extensive knowledge of firearms and were very helpful.  I look forward to enrolling in many more ISD classes in the future.  Good Job!” – Matthew Gilliam


“Thanks guys for a great class! I had heard that CCDW classes were boring, NOT THIS ONE!!  Ill be recommending others to you for sure.  Thanks again” – Shawn Madden


“Very good class, instructors were great and I would highly recommend this class to anybody.  I fully intend to participate in other ISD classes also!” – Ron Harris


“I don’t think there are enough words that can express how great of a time I had this weekend. There were times i really had to dig deep physically and mentally. I learned a lot both with the class material and from many idiosyncrasies of being in the scenario itself.

I feel really blessed to be a part of it all and the classes you run. Keep up the good work. i don’t believe there is anyone else around that does the things you guys are running.” — Anonymous


“I would Highly recommend your classes to others!” – Stephen White


“Great Class, I learned a lot of info about shooting and errors in my stance.” – Tony Swanner


“Instructions from the Staff was great and very thorough, Direct to the point and very understandable.”


“Thank you for your leadership and training.  You are a professional and I appreciate your commitment.” – Steven Eversole


“The class and the instructor’s explanations were very clear and very informative.  I felt comfortable at ISD.” – Trudy McKnight


“Well done, thank you for your training expertise.” – Lucas Joyner


“Very professional and informative. ” – Daniel Wallen


“I was with my husband today and I learned a lot that I didn’t know about guns and safety.  thank you very much for allowing me to attend the CCDW Class.” – Janice Fields


“The high level of training was off the charts good. Money well spent. Setting up perimeters and working as a team brings every members skill up. Putting students in a real life scenarios adds extra stress and makes every one depend on one another.”


I really liked the team movement and ambush drills. It gave people the mind set of the adversary and what tactics we would face in a real engagement.   Your class gave me a huge advantage in surviving a real event. This is the training I wish I had years ago.  Thank you for outstanding training and excellent instruction. ”  Rick Searle


“The Class was very helpful.  Loved how the atmosphere was laid back, it made it easier to concentrate”


“The instructors were very knowledgeable in all aspects of this class.  They were able to relate most if not all areas of interest with real-life situations they’ve experienced… GREAT CLASS”


“Learned alot, instructors are very Knowledgeable… I would recommend. Awesome class… Thanks”


“Great class and above my expectations, I would recommend the Defensive HG  Class to anyone, Best money Ive spent in a long time!” – Shawn Madden


“Rodney & Jason are simply awesome! Very knowledgeable, through, patient and caring.  I will be coming back for many more classes… way to go guys!” – Tony Saad


“Great instruction, very sharp instructors, ill be taking the Advanced class next!” – Richard Roe


“The Intermediate Class really helpled me with targeting and selecting targets.  Great class– the instructors make it fun and informative.” – Tony Swanner